BE (Deluxe)

BE is the final studio album byBeady Eye, released on 10th June 2013. It was recorded between November 2012 and March 2013 and produced by Dave Sitek. BE debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart.

:: TrackList ::

1.Flick Of The Finger
2.Soul Love
3.Face The Crowd
4.Second Bite Of The Apple
5.Soon Come Tomorrow
6.Iz Rite
7.I’m Just Saying
8.Don’t Brother Me
9.Shine A Light
10.Ballroom Figured
11.Start Anew

:: Additional tracks on double LP release ::

12.Dreaming Of Some Space
13.The World’s Not Set In Stone
14.Back After The Break

:: Deluxe Edition bonus tracks ::

12.Dreaming Of Some Space
13.The World’s Not Set In Stone
14.Back After the Break
15.Off At The Next Exit

:: Additional tracks on Japanese Edition ::

16.Girls In Uniform
17.Evil Eye

:: Info ::

Released: 10th June 2013
Highest Chart Position: Number 2 in the UK
Recorded at: State of the Ark Studios, London.
Flick Of The Finger written by Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer and Andy Bell.
Soul Love, Don’t Brother Me, Shine A Light, Start Anew, The World’s Not Set In Stone and Evil Eye written by Liam Gallagher.
Face The Crowd, Soon Come Tomorrow, I’m Just Saying, Dreaming Of Some Space and Girls In Uniform written by Andy Bell.
Second Bite Of The Apple, Iz Rite, Ballroom Figured and Back After The Break written by Gem Archer.
Produced by: Dave Sitek and Beady Eye.
Mixed by: Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.
Mastered by: Ted Jensen at Stirling Sound, NYC.

:: Beady Eye Are ::

Liam Gallagher-Vocals
Gem Archer-Guitars
Andy Bell-Guitars
Chris Sharrock-Drums