Charlie Lightening: “New Liam Album Is Bigger Than ‘As You Were'”

‘As It Was’ is set to feature a new song called “Once” from Liam’s new album. The film’s director Charlie Lightening says the track is his “favourite solo song from Liam”
And describes it as “the ‘For What It’s Worth’ of the record: “It’s a continuation of ‘As You Were’,if you look at ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)?’, one’s the more punkier one and one’s the bigger one. That’s progression. It’s someone in the prime of it all. People aren’t gonna be disappointed with it. I think it’s gonna blow people away.” As for what to expect from ‘Once’, Charlie said: “The lyric is, ‘You only ever get it once.’ It’s about that whole thing of – when I first hear it, it was like you can listen to it and think of the experiences you get in life, you get a second chance but you only get it once. I took it as – you could hear him singing it to Noel, do you know what I mean?
I think it’s way better than ‘Wall Of Glass’. It hits you harder. [The album] is a continuation of ‘As You Were’ but it’s just that bit bigger –if you’re doing something for the second time, you’ve got more confidence behind you. The first single is so catchy – the middle-eight on it is just mega and then it goes into a massive chorus. It’s brilliant. It’s the sort of song you put on for stomping the streets – it’s a got a proper stomp to it. You can hear these songs in stadiums. It’s that sort of vibe. And that’s the difference between a ‘Definitely Maybe’ and a ‘Morning Glory’. His voice is mega – it’s Liam.”

Source NME