Liam Gallagher: “Everything will be okay in the end… But perhaps not in this life”

Only ten days before the release of his second solo album Why Me, Why Not, Liam Gallagher spoke to the Italian daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera about his new music, the Oasis legacy and his reconsidered values in life.

Ten years after the notorious Oasis split, Liam still holds true to the band’s trademark style and refuses to wander off his instantly recognisable manner of singing. He doesn’t hide his nostalgia for the band with which he made history all these years ago. Meanwhile, Liam’s bitter feud with estranged brother Noel remains a painful topic for the rock star.

“I’m still sorry Oasis had to split up like that. I could tell Noel wanted to go solo. It’s horrible that he passed me off as the culprit. Only now people start to realise it’s him who was dishonest. If I hadn’t made any music on my own, that shadow would have followed me forever. In Oasis I knew what my place was. I didn’t think I was the songwriter. I never wanted to be Bob Dylan. No matter what, Oasis songs will live for a long time”.

Liam’s commitment to the Oasis legacy becomes obvious as soon as we look at his typical setlist: more than a half of the songs played at his solo gigs are Oasis hits. On multiple occasions Liam emphasized he’d be much happier singing in a band, delivering the tunes each of the band members contributed to. Today’s interview isn’t an exception.

“I’m happy with my music, but I’d much rather Oasis had never separated”.

Meanwhile, Liam isn’t afraid of showing his soft, sensitive side. Recently he’s been paying a lot more attention to his family than he used to in the glory days of Oasis. With his usual sincerity Liam admits missing Noel and feeling sorry for his mum, Peggy. According to Liam, being Noel’s brother has only made the split more painful.

“Even Bonehead and Tony McCarroll were genuinely hurt. Perhaps not as much as me though, because Noel and I are brothers, and now my mum has to deal with all of this bullshit. She says we’re two childish fools. She’s right, but it takes the two of us to fix things now. You can’t argue alone”.

Despite the ongoing rivalry with Noel, these days we can see a happier and more mature Liam. He appreciates what he has and values the strong bonds he has with his kids, his mum and elder brother Paul.

“I think of my family a lot. Paul and I are very close. He DJs before my concerts”.

Nevertheless, Liam isn’t that enthusiastic about the idea of possibly starting a band with Paul.

“Probably I could give it a try, but Paul also has a certain ego. If he were famous and had a lot of money, maybe it’d be much harder to work with him. Yeah, kinda like with Noel”.

In the As It Was documentary that came out in June, the director pays a lot of attention to Liam’s mum Peggy. In the film we see her still living in the old house the Gallaghers had since they were an ordinary working class family. Liam talks about her with tenderness and affection.

“I also bought her a nice little house just outside Manchester, but she refused to leave her old place. She told me, “My life is here. Yours may change, but I want mine to remain the same”. It’s my mum who teaches me to control myself. Now we’re all happy, and harmony reigns”.

The interviewer remarks that many songs off the upcoming album Why Me, Why Not sound like letters of apology directed at Noel. Liam insists the message of the record is more generalised.

“Those tunes aren’t about anyone in particular, they’re songs about life. Many say I’m singing about Noel. Noel is an important part of my life, just as important as my brother Paul, my mum, my kids, Debbie, Manchester City… Only Now That I’ve Found You is for a specific person, my daughter whom I haven’t seen for many years and with whom now I finally have a relationship”.

Liam previously described the nostalgic Once as one of the best songs he’s ever written. In today’s interview for the first time ever he offered an extended comment on the idea behind it.

“It’s important to always remember where you come from. With success come fur coats, race cars, Gucci clothes, holidays on the Amalfi coast… People are obsessed with possessing things. Soon you realise that they have no value. It happened to me too. Now I still love beautiful things, but I don’t crave gold and diamond watches any longer”.

The saddest part of the interview comes when Liam admits he doesn’t see reconciliation with Noel happening anytime soon.

“He split up the band I loved just because he thought he deserved more attention. He’s very talented, but he’s wrong to think that everything revolves around him. Everything will be okay in the end… But perhaps not in this life”.

It seems that in the nearest future Oasis will remain the most missed band in history.

Source: Corriere Della Sera

The translation from Italian is my own.

For the first time ever Liam offered an extended comment on his new songs
For the first time ever Liam offered an extended comment on his new songs