Liam Gallagher: “Split me open, and there’s goodness in there”

Liam Gallagher has a busy schedule: these days we see him supporting the Who on their American tour while still finding the time to do the promo talk following the release of his second solo album Why Me, Why Not. Recently, the record has impressively reached Number One on the UK chart, so it’s no wonder the rock icon seems full of confidence and pride. In a new interview with The Herald Scotland Liam has opened up about his music plans, personal life and the changed perception of an Oasis reunion.

No matter the topic of the initial conversation, interviewers can never resist the temptation to ask Liam about the potential Oasis’ comeback. Meanwhile, the legendary frontman seems just as enthusiastic about the idea – if only it didn’t require patching things up with the estranged brother Noel.

“Would I like it to happen? Why not? We shouldn’t have split up, man. People bang on about how big Oasis were. We weren’t the biggest band in the world though. We were big in England and made a bit of a splash in Europe – but there’s a lot more work to do. This boat might have sailed. I think we could still do it – but it depends on whether we like each other or not”.

Even though Liam is really soaring high with his solo career these days, he admits he’d easily give it up for the sake of getting Oasis back together. Now that’s what you call true commitment.

“Obviously I’m doing my thing, it’s going well and I’m enjoying it. Noel is doing his thing and apparently he’s enjoying it as well. So I guess it ain’t gonna happen now. But I’d drop everything tomorrow to get back in this band. Not just to be with Noel – just to be with the band and play them songs to the people. You get one crack at life, and we’re lucky to be in this position. But I’m not sitting here crying into my Noel bowl. If it happens, it happens. I’m ready to go, mate”.

While Noel seems really annoyed about the reunion questions he gets on a daily basis, Liam is the complete opposite. He seems genuinely hurt by his brother’s offensive remarks and has apparently decided to prove Noel wrong with his changed work ethic.

“I ain’t playing to no gallery here. Noel turned around a long time ago and talked about my work ethic, saying I’m not match fit. But on my As You Were tour I did 140 gigs and didn’t cancel any! So I can do it! I love our kid. And I don’t need no one to tell me how I feel – I know how I feel myself. I miss our kid. I don’t know what happened. He made me out to be some horrible person – but I’m not, it ain’t true!”

Despite all his everlasting love for Oasis, Liam places his personal brotherly bond with Noel above everything else. It’s not surprising: the rock icon always emphasises the importance of family in his life, so the bitter feud with Noel is certainly taking its toll.

“The most important thing is me and him getting back to being brothers. And if this ain’t happening, neither would the band. It doesn’t even matter what Noel and his daft camp say. I’m a good person. The people Noel’s surrounded by should hold their heads in shame. They should be encouraging me and him to get back together again as brothers – for my mother. Not for the band. Forget the band”.

Liam indeed pays a lot of attention to family bonds these days. A perfect example of that is Now That I’ve Found You, the upbeat song on his new album inspired by his estranged daughter Molly coming into his life.

“I’ve started having a relationship with my daughter, which I’ve not had for 20 years. I also wrote a song When I’m In Need about Debbie. And I don’t force it. I just write about whatever’s coming through the airwaves. After all, I don’t class myself as a songwriter. I’m a singer first. If I never wrote a song again, I wouldn’t jump off a bridge. I’ve got a guitar in my house, and I’m always messing about on that. I’ll have a few ideas here and there, a couple of lines, and I’ll find someone to sort it out for me. It’s all easy going, I’m not one of them tortured artists”.

Recently Liam has credited life itself for the inspiration for all of his songs. Meanwhile, the rock legend has certainly changed his own way of life. These days he definitely seems more responsible: he allegedly gets up at 6 am on a daily basis, goes for a 5 miles’ run and eats a healthy diet.

“Well, I’m not obsessed with it though. I’m not counting calories and I’m not a carrot muncher. When I go for a run, I go for a run. When I go to the pub, I go to the pub. I still enjoy going to the boozer, believe me. It’s just that when you get older, the hangovers get longer and they hurt more. The voice inside your head which tells you to go to bed early is now a lot louder and clearer than it was when you were 20. Back then I’d go, “You what? I ain’t going nowhere”, but now I listen to the voice inside a lot more”.

Recently the rock icon has celebrated his 47th birthday, and yet he’s just the same as he was 20 years ago: entertaining, outspoken – and utterly modest. Almost modest.

“I’ve definitely got older, but I wouldn’t say wiser. Maybe a little bit. But I’m a good, good person, I make mistakes, we all do, I’m not a robot. You split me open, and there’s goodness in there”.

One thing is for sure: Liam today is a much more positive, heartfelt, mature person who appreciates all the good things thrown his way.

“I’ve really got a lot of love in my life. I’m surrounded by a lot of lovely people. So there’s a lot of meaningful stuff going on”.

That’s what really matters in life, I suppose. Ahead of Liam are even more exciting gigs with his idols The Who, more support from his fans, the wedding to his soulmate and new successful solo records. In a promising situation like this, it’s hard not to get inspired. As for the haters, they’re always gonna hate, I guess.

Source: The Herald Scotland