Liam Gallagher: “Take each day as it comes, man”

The path of a Rock’n’Roll star can be different. Some shoot to superstardom in an instant and after a few years vanish into obscurity. Others remain underrated for most of their career regardless of all their efforts. Meanwhile, there are some lucky ones that manage to remain in the spotlight for many years. Like a guiding star, they keep shining for many decades and dishing out hits that change the face of music industry for good. Liam Gallagher is definitely without maybe one of them. 25 years after the release of the debut album Definitely Maybe, Oasis’s frontman is still full of swagger and attitude and has plenty to say. His latest exclusive interview with the IE magazine is no exception.

Liam Gallagher has it all to make a great interviewee. He wears his heart on his sleeve, stubbornly refuses to shy away from the bitter truth and has a brilliant sense of humour. In his opinion, one of his biggest achievements is staying true to his own self and opposing any change. After the 25 years in the spotlight, Liam’s iconic image is still intact. He stands on stage almost motionless, with his hands behind his back, pulling his face close to the mic and showering the audience with a wall of powerful sound.

“I get a bit more power if I sing with my arms behind my back”, explains Liam. “I’ve held the mic a couple of times, and it just feels odd. It simply doesn’t feel right. Whereas putting my hands down behind my back so I can just spit into the mic with distaste? Now that feels perfect!”

In general, Liam seems pretty dismissive of the Britpop movement. He never considered himself part of it: how can a Rock’n’Roll star belong to the banal Britpop formula? However, now he has mellowed a bit and offers some thoughful opinion on the iconic 90’s thing.

“I’m just the same as always, man. I wear the same clothes, I’m definitely as confident as I was back then. Here in 2019, I’m standing out like a sore thumb, and I like it because I’m still not playing the game. I think Oasis were going in a different direction from the Britpop thing. We were more classic, d’you know what I mean? There were some really good bands back then, but where are they now? The only bands that were making decent albums were us and The Verve, and that’s the end of it. People will go on and on about Blur, but that’s not for me. Nobody else came even close to The Verve, in my opinion”.

Despite Liam having a lot of opinions, there’s a topic he does his best to avoid, and that’s politics. In his new solo record Why Me, Why Not, we can hardly find a hint at the current political unrest in Britain surrounding the Brexit issue. Liam claims it to be intentional.

“I’m not a politically-driven man. I keep getting asked about all that shit, and I just don’t have much to say. The things we were writing about on the record are love, life, hate, everything. But I’ve certainly got no time to be writing about Boris fucking Johnson or Theresa May”.

Even though at first glance Liam might seem argumentative and fairly arrogant, it’s actually only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, in most cases the rock icon still remains humble. He admits to not feeling that confident about his own songwriting skills and even refuses to classify himself as a musician. We can see the true Liam when he starts talking about him opening for his icons The Who a few weeks ago.

“I wasn’t doing it to gain any more fans – I was there because I wanted to be. I knew I wasn’t going to make any money – I was there to do a few tunes because I love The Who. They’re on another level, while I’m just a singer in a band – I don’t classify myself as a songwriter or a musician. I’m just a singer, so we don’t get into any of the deep stuff. But I like them, and they seem to like me. I just want to make the type of music I loved as a kid. I’m quite happy collaborating, because I’m too self-conscious about my songwriting, the words and what I want to say”.

Nevertheless, Liam always seems to have a lot to say on the social media. The rock legend actively interacts with fans, replies to comments online and even alters his setlist according to the audience’s wishes expressed under his posts. The interviewer asks him if he ever considered dropping out of social media… No chance.

“No, I like being online! I like chatting people up, and I love speaking my mind. And if people can’t handle that, fuck them. I’m just a person in a band, after all”.

Liam’s always had a reputation for being a man of the people. He doesn’t seem to be living in isolation from his audience. He always seems to be around: keeping in touch with the fans, announcing new tour dates, hanging out in pubs and going for daily runs. Liam is a talented entertainer, but what does entertain him on an ordinary day?

“We’re watching Peaky Blinders at the moment, and we’re addicted to it. But I also like to watch the news, man, whether it’s depressing or not. I like to keep my eye on it, so I love having one TV in the house tuned to the news, just in case”.

Apart from the iconic stage stance with his hands behind his back, Liam is famous for his unhealthy obsession with parkas. The rock icon claims to have lost count of the number of parkas that have flooded his house. Meanwhile, it doesn’t stop him from continuing to collect them. And yet, since his clothing line Pretty Green went bankrupt a while ago, there hasn’t been any news about Liam’s new clothes collections. Now it seems Liam’s ready to finally break the silence.

“Soon I have a new line of parkas coming out. And Pretty Green is still around, but I don’t have much input on it at the moment. I’m trying to strike a deal, and if it works, it works. If not, I’ll just start another company. I’ve got a lot of parkas, like millions. You know how rockers love leather jackets? Well, I don’t: I like parkas!”

Recently Liam’s son Gene started joining him at the recording sessions. He’s featured on Liam’s new solo record and even made an appearance at a few of Liam’s recent gigs, playing the drums. Does Liam have any advice for his son that seems eager to follow in his footsteps?

“No advice, man – I’m not into advice. And when you’re young, you don’t take it in, do you? I’m only starting to take things in now. And when you’re in a bubble, you’re in a bubble, and you’re sort of just racing around, not taking it in. So any advice I give him now will fall flat on deaf ears. So he’s just enjoying himself at this point”.

Liam seems to have learnt a lot of things himself though. His experience and past mistakes have proved to be a good teacher. These days he definitely appears more reasonable and down-to-earth. But how would the iconic frontman sum up his own life philosophy?

“I’ve learnt to live in the now and not worry about the future or the past. I’m not chasing anything in life anymore. I mean, take little bits and bobs from it, but take each day as it comes, man. Because yeah, we’re getting older. But we’re also getting closer to what it’s really all about”.

Wise words, without a doubt. Witty, straightforward and without any pretentions – the best of Liam Gallagher gets shown in every single interview.

Source: the IE magazine