Liam Gallagher to play Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ in full

Liam Gallagher has told fans that he wants to celebrate 30 years of Oasis’ debut album, ‘Definitely Maybe’, by performing the tracklist in full.

The singer-songwriter announced his intentions on social media, telling fans that they can expect to see him hitting the stage soon in celebration of the album’s anniversary.

ccording to Gallagher, he not only intends to perform fan favourites including ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Supersonic’ at live shows, but wants to play the album in its entirety and in the official order of the track listing.

“As it’s 30 years since [‘Definitely Maybe’] was released nxt year I’m gonna be playing the album from start to finish in its original order at a few BIBLICAL venues,” he wrote on Twitter.

Source: NME