Noel Gallagher would “never say never” to an Oasis reunion

Noel Gallagher has said that he will “never say never” to an Oasis reunion.
“You should never say never,” Noel told BBC Radio Manchester today (January 17), but added that “it would have to take an extraordinary set of circumstances”.
“That’s not to say that those circumstances would never come about,” he added.
In October last year, Noel said there’s “no point” in an Oasis reunion because the band still sell “as many records now” than they did when they were together.

The brothers appeared to be embroiled in a fresh feud late last year, after Liam claimed there were no Oasis songs in his Knebworth 22 documentary because “angry squirt” Noel Gallagher “blocked them”. Liam also recently hit back at critics of him singing Oasis songs at gigs.

Source: NME