UpInTheSite Interview: Oasis Podcast

For the second episode of Oasis Interview we are glad to interview Oasis Podcast.

Tell me something about your life. Where do you live? What’s your job and hobbies?

I live just south of Oxford in the U.K. As a teenager I spent a lot of time playing gigs and going to gigs on the Cowley Road in Oxford which is where Suoergrass, Ride and Radiohead took their first steps. It’s a useful place to live, particularly as I can get in to London fairly easily and there’s plenty of stuff going on in Oxford and Reading which are pretty close.

Which are your first Oasis-related memories (one particular song)?

There are so many! A great thing about doing the podcast is I’ve been able to share so many of them. One that sticks out though is seeing them for the first time, Cardiff March 1996. They finished with I Am The Walrus and me and my friends were so excited we were jumping around in the street singing I Am The Walrus!

The band’s career has always experienced highs and lows, line-up and sound changes. Which is the most interesting Oasis era in your opinion?

“Most interesting” It’s tricky. I’d say that Dig Out Your Soul is by no way my favourite album, but it is certainly interesting, because with tracks like Falling Down and The Turning it felt like they were moving to a more complex and psychedelic sound. It’s a shame they didn’t carry on as I would’ve been fascinated to hear what the next album would have sounded like.

Is Oasis Podcast the only podcast dedicated to Oasis and the Gallagher brothers? Plus how did you come up with the idea, and what has been your favourite episode so far?

There is another one run by a couple of Mexican guys! I tried to listen but unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish! For the full story check out episode 1, as I explain the whole journey in detail, but briefly it was something I had thought about doing for ages, and I always would search for Oasis podcasts and I couldn’t believe no one had done one, especially considering there are hundreds dedicated to The Beatles! One day I just started talking into my phone “welcome to the Oasis Podcast” and it went from there! The best one so far is very difficult, because the ones with the big names like Alan McGee and Tony McCarroll spring to mind, but my favourites tend to be the interviews with people who have interesting stories where Oasis had a big impact on their lives, like Adrian Conoboy who got over brain cancer and singing Oasis songs was a huge part of his rehabilitation 

Oasis Podcast with Alan McGee
Oasis Podcast with Alan Mcgee

This August will mark the 10th anniversary of Oasis’ split. In your opinion, where would Oasis be now  if that fistfight had never happened? Do you share Noel’s view that the ‘drive’ had gone away or do you share Liam’s view that the band still had a lot to say?

I think the split was inevitable with where they were in their lives. If it hadn’t happened then I think they would have likely taken a break after Noel would have done a solo album, and then maybe they could have got back together after that for an album and tour… and maybe the break would have done then good but as they say “you’ll never change what’s been and gone”…!

What should we expect from the future? More solo albums or the much anticipated reunion?

From everything I’ve heard from people in the know there’s no “grand conspiracy”, and there’s very little chance of an Oasis reunion, particularly given the things that Liam has said about Noel’s wife. They literally haven’t spoken for 10 years and I can’t see that changing. Plus neither of them will ever need the money, and I can’t imagine Noel would be willing to go back to being a sideman again so it’s a definite no for the foreseeable future. 

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