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Alan McGee, “New guitar music is great again”

Alan McGee has spoken up for the health of guitar music and new bands emerging, as he prepares to step things up with his new record label Creation23 who specialise in 7inch singles while also launching tracks across streaming services.

“It’s just another version of Creation,” McGee told NME. “We’ve had the management company for 35 years. I offered to put my pal’s band’s record out on a new label. I wasn’t going to call it Creation then I was just like, ‘McGee, you own the name, you are Creation’. I didn’t want to call it Creation Records because I thought it was disrespectful to Dick Green and Joe Foster who first founded it with me, so I changed it to Creation23.

“The important thing is that guitar music is good again, but the mainstream media don’t want guitar bands. That’s what I never saw coming. I’m putting these out because I fucking love rock n’ roll.”

Other than the bands on his roster, McGee cited a few others leading the way: “Look around; IDLES are fucking great, Fontaines D.C. are fucking great, Shame are the best out of all of these fucking bands.”

He added: “Music is good, and Creation is coming back into focus.It’s not about wanting to get back in the game. You’re maybe risking £2,500 to put a single out, so we’ll do it and see what happens. I’m excited about music again because there are all these bands with attitude.”

So what should a band do if they want to be signed by McGee?

“If you want to get in touch with me, send your music via Instagram. That’s what every other fucker is doing. I see quite a lot of gigs too. I’m out twice a week seeing bands, plus I have a Creation23 night in London.

“I’ve got to like the music, but I’m open to everything. Sometimes the music isn’t punk, but the people are.”

Source: NME