Liam Gallagher is bringing back the Oasis classics

These days seem to be Liam Gallagher’s finest hour. Only a week after its release, his new solo album Why Me, Why Not has soared to Number One on this week’s Official Albums Chart. This means it’s become Liam’s second solo Number One record following his debut album As You Were, and his tenth in total including the eight chart-toppers with Oasis. Moreover, Why Me, Why Not has been named the fastest-selling vinyl album of 2019. Liam is surely proud of his achievement: after all, the new record serves as the proof he’s finally found his feet as a solo artist. The rock icon took his time to thank his fans for the support.

“Well well well, what do have here, brothers and sisters? Another Number One record to go along with my other Number One record! Two in two years – now that’s what I call biblical. I want to thank you lot for buying it and giving me the love and support. I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together”, he told the Official Charts.

Without a doubt, Liam has every right to be proud. In comparison with As You Were, Why Me, Why Not looks like a real step forward for Liam as an artist. The whole record sounds more consistent and more complex from the point of view of melodies and lyrics. In an exclusive new interview with Belfast Telegraph Liam spoke about his plans for the tour, including some changes in the setlist and some new cities in the schedule. The rock icon has apologised for not being able to fit Belfast into the tour list yet, but has promised to come back to it later, in the next leg of the tour. Moreover, he has expressed his desire to spend a ‘proper’ night out in Belfast when he makes it there.

Nevertheless, for now Liam seems eager to hit the road and play as many gigs as he can. He’s thrilled to be performing for the fans who have been supporting him throughout the journey. And it turns out Liam has a surprise for them.

“I’m going to add some Oasis classics to the setlist. We’re going to do Sad Song, we’ll have a crack at Gas Panic and we’ll do Acquiesce too. The fans have been banging on at me for ages asking for that one, but the problem is that Noel sang the chorus in that one. The fans have promised to belt out his bit, so we’ll see if they put their money where their mouth is”.

Once again Liam has shown he takes the fans’ wishes into consideration, giving the people what they want. The audience at his gigs always know what to expect: powerful vocals, a confident attitude and a setlist penetrated with the Oasis nostalgia. While surely moving forward and growing as a solo artist, Liam remains true to his roots and to the legacy of the band he still cherishes. Nevertheless, he doesn’t believe in reconciliation with his estranged brother Noel anymore, even on a personal level.

“I think those days are over, to be honest. In my head, we should never have split up, and I’ll always have the hump with Noel. I think he split up the band too early and it was for selfish reasons. I’m still scratching my head wondering what I did, because I didn’t kick his cat or try it on with his missus. We weren’t S Club 7, we were a Rock’n’Roll band, He wanted out, and I think I got the blame. I’m here to spoil the party, man. He’s not the only Gallagher with a God-given right to write a song. I’ve got news for him. I’m here, and I’m not going away”.

In general, Liam is full of enthusiasm. He smiles way more often than before, and a friendly banter is an essential part of any interview. Yet, he sounds more mature and reasonable at the same time. The rock legend seems thrilled at his new record and suggests it has surpassed even his own expectations.

“I’m really happy with it. There are some really good songs on there. Why Me, Why Not has a much more sort of cinematic, visual feel to it, which is a good thing. I think that’s probably why we went for a very colourful sleeve as well”.

After 25 years in the spotlight, Liam still has a lot to say. He once said his motto is giving the people what they want. For him music is just like football: you’re loyal to your team – or to your band – for life. D’you know what he means?

Source: Belfast Telegraph