Liam Gallagher takes part in Oxfam eBay auction

Liam Gallagher is no stranger to charity campaigns. The iconic Oasis frontman has always displayed sympathy to those in need and did all he could to make the world a better place. Now that the whole world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, he hasn’t remained indifferent. Earlier this summer the rock icon has already auctioned off Oasis’ 1996 MTV Award for Eat Well Manchester. This organization of Mancunian chefs did everything possible to provide food for the most vulnerable groups of population amidst the epidemic. Moreover, Liam has announced an upcoming charity gig for NHS workers. The free concert will take place on October 29th at the O2 in London. The show will serve as a thoughtful gesture of gratitude to healthcare workers.

Meanwhile, these days Liam has decided to take part in an Oxfam eBay auction among many other celebrities. The Oasis star is donating his signed RhythmTech black tambourine to Oxfam to raise money for its coronavirus response appeal. Currently Oxfam is teaming up with local partners, governments and UN agencies in 65 countries in response to the crisis. The poorest countries of the world are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak. After all, the lack of medical assistance, non-existent handwashing facilities and poor hygiene puts poor communities at a significant risk. For example, in Mali there are only three ventilators for one million people while Zambia can provide 10,000 people with only one doctor. The public health challenge is evident.

Nearly three billion people across the developing world don’t have access to clean water, millions more can’t afford adequate healthcare and live tucked in crowded slumps and refugee camps where social distancing is close to impossible. As coronavirus spreads further, Oxfam is desperately trying to raise much-needed funds to provide all possible support to the most affected communties. This includes distributing soap and building handwashing stations in refugee camps, delivering clean water, protective clothing and sanitation improvements to numerous quarantine centres.

In a situation like this, Liam chose not to stay aside. His signed tambourine will be auctioned on eBay from Sunday 12 July until Sunday 19 July. It’s very rewarding to know that all the money raised will go to help some of the most vulnerable people fight the pandemic. At the moment, there are already 75 bids while the tambourine is placed at 3,200 pounds. Since the item will remain online for the whole week, you still have two more days to participate in the auction and change its outcome. After all, having Liam’s personal tambourine sounds like any Oasis fan’s dream.

Liam’s care and thoughtfulness have once again made his fans proud. And for a good reason. In these unpredictable circumstances the best thing to do is act together and support each other. Even one person can make a difference. And the best time to act is right now.

Find out more about the auction here: . You never know, maybe your bid would be the winner? Test your luck and make your own contribution to the fight against coronavirus!

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