Liam Gallagher To Play Acquiesce?

Liam Gallagher is planning to play Acquiesce on tour this time, after he asked fans which Oasis songs he should do this time around. Yesterday Liam took to Twitter to ask the ‘Parka Monkeys’ which Oasis songs he should pick for tour, this led to Oasis songs trending across social media. He wrote, “Rite brothers n sisters need your help we’ll not really just thought I’d get you involved as your always banging on about how much I never interact with youse putting 5 new oasis songs in setlist you lucky fuckers can choose them of you go LG x” Now after reading the replies and careful consideration today he has tweeted, “Listen I hear loads of shout outs for acqua what ever it’s fucking called, I’m game if your game think it would sound good you lot singing the choruses why don’t we try it see how it goes, I know I’ll nail my bits pressure is on brothers n sisters as you were LG x” he also had a laugh with followers who replied reminding him to sing the second verse of the song, as he always forgot that bit in the Oasis years. He responded saying, “Never it’s folk law now mate. The second verse is wank.” Looks like Liam will be keeping up his rock and roll tradition of missing out the second verse. Source latestcelebrityscoop