Liam Gallagher to play with Richard Ashcroft in 2017?


The former Oasis frontman is set to launch his solo career this year, and his close friend and fellow rocker has let slip that they will be performing live together at some point in 2017.

To date, 44-year-old Liam’s only reported date appears to be at Bergenfest in Norway in June, but he is still yet to announce his appearance on the line-up on his own Twitter account.

Richard, who became pals with Liam when he was fronting The Verve, won’t be giving him any advice on going it alone, but thinks his return to music will be welcomed as there are few people as outspoken as the Songbird singer “I wouldn’t be daft enough to give Liam any advice on going solo. He can just be himself and do what he loves and people will connect to it.”