Noel Gallagher Has Not Interest In Listening ‘As You Were’

*Noel Gallagher has compared himself to a Eagle and his brother Liam as a common pigeon, he also said he has no interest in listening to ‘As You Were’.*

He told the current issue of Q “What you have to understand is the tweeting is all playing up to the gallery. I’ll be in the boozer and someone will say, ‘fucking hell, our kids gone Donald Trump.’ Buy y’know, I’m trying to soar like a Eagle and I’m being asked to comment on the ramblings of a common pigeon.”

He added “People want me to come out with all guns blazing. I know the game. I know how it works. I invented it. But mate, I couldn’t adequately express my indifference to it. I know him better than anyone else on the planet and what you see, that’s what Oasis was like. Is it any fucking wonder we’re not together? And it’s not going to stop by the way. It’s only going to get worse.”

When asked “Does he blame himself for any of this?” Noel replied “What For? I don’t blame myself for the end of the band, no. I freely admit I can be cold, I can be indifferent. Maybe that drives him mad. And If it does…” he laughs. “Good.”

The reporter asked “It can’t go on forever can it? “Ha” he laughs sharply “I think you’ll find it will. I think you’ll find it will.”

He was also asked why he has no interest in listening to Liam’s debut album ‘As You Were’.

He said “Because I’m not a fan, I’m not going to learn anything. He doesn’t write his own songs, so it means nothing to me”.

Source: live4ver forum