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Noel Gallagher: “I don’t give a fuck what people think“

Noel Gallagher has slammed Oasis fans and fan sites for criticising his new music. He said during new interview with Variety, “I’m 52 now, and I don’t give a fuck what people think about me or where I’m going. I don’t give a fuck what Oasis fans think. They’ve got the Oasis records. I can please myself from here on in. Well, anybody that was going to the Hacienda [a nightclub in Manchester] between ‘87 and ‘89 will recognize the sound. It’s more acid house than disco. But the other tracks on the (next) EP — one of them sounds like the Smiths, one of them sounds like the Stone Roses, and one of them I don’t know what it sounds like. But I suppose I finally got Oasis out of my system now, musically. My first (impulse) is not to reach for the guitar. It’s not my waking thought. It’s more like, ‘All right, I want to get a bass and keyboards on this; we don’t need any guitar.’ When I do tracks that are vaguely — you can put this in inverted commas — vaguely dance-orientated, if they’re using it as a criticism, they choose to forget (Oasis songs) ‘Fuckin’ in the Bushes’ or ‘Go Let It Out) or (solo material) ‘What a Life’ or ‘Ballad of the Mighty I.’ All of these things have been derived from some kind of dance music. But I get my opinion from the crowd when I play every night, and people love it. If I was to go on an Oasis fan site, it’d be a different story. But I’m not trying to still dress like a 19-year-old, metaphorically speaking. I have moved on, and it doesn’t matter if people don’t like it, because I don’t give a fuck. I like it; in fact I love it. That’s all that matters. I suppose that’s why rock stars, when they get into their 50s, just kind of give up a little bit, because they can’t be fucking arsed to be reinventing themselves, or trying. So they just do facsimiles of what they were.…. There’s plenty of people trying to do that Oasis thing, right, and you’ll get people saying it’s rock and roll. Well, rock and roll it might be, but it’s fucking shit. It’s unsophisticated music for unsophisticated people. It might sound like the fucking Stooges, but it is shit.”

Source: latestcelebrityscoop