Noel Gallagher, “New album will split my fanbase in two”

Anyone who’s tiptoed cautiously through social media since the Holy Mou ntain single was released last week will probably agree with Noel Gallagher ‘s prediction that his new album Who Built The Moon? is likely to ‘split his fans in two’.
Currently on the South American leg of his stint supporting U2, Gallagher discussed the third High Flying Birds album with Rock And Pop Chile
, describing studio sessions with producer David Holmes as a ‘good combination of styles’. “It seems to have split my fanbase in two,” he continued.
“In the sense that all the girls love it and all the guys hate it. It just seems that way, and I’m on the side of the girls. I speak for the entire album here: the people who will like it will not just like it, they’ll love it, and people who don’t like it will hate it.”
Who Built The Moon? will be released on November 24th.