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Noel Gallagher on his next EPs

Two further Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds EPs will follow later this year. 

Noel told to Manchester Evening News: “People don’t seem to give a s*** about albums anymore,” he says”

“I think it works for me because I’m in charge of what I do and I’ve got loads of material. And I was coming on tour for this year and it was like, it would be nice if I could put some new songs in the set and they weren’t old songs.

“And then I just had a load of ideas and it just seemed to be a good idea, ‘yeah let’s do three EPs’. If I add them all up at the end of the year it’ll be like 10 or 11 tracks and then maybe put them all together and maybe that’ll be an album.”

The third EP, ‘a bit more traditional sounding’, is still in the works but the second is nearly finished and ‘very Mancunian’, he promises.

It just sounds like a late 80s Mancunian guitar anthem,” he says of the lead track.

“It took me a long time to write it, because I could never get the chorus right, and when I eventually finished it I was like ‘That’s the f***ing b******s. It really is. It’s amazing.’ Even the title is very Mancunian.”

There’s a Smiths influence in there, he teases, as he reveals he’d love to write for Morrissey and release music with Johnny Marr.

“I was in the studio yesterday doing a track for the next EP and I was thinking this sounds like The Smiths, I’d love to put Morrissey’s  voice on it,” he said.

Source: Manchester Evening News