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Noel Gallagher reveals new love song is “one of the best things I ever did”

Noel Gallagher has spoken about ‘Black and White Sunshine’ from his new album, calling it “one of the best things I ever did”.
Monday saw news of Noel Gallagher’s new High Flying Birds Album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ released, along with details of a huge UK and Ireland arena tour. During an interview with Christian O’Connell on the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show, he also discussed how the music industry and the general climate for bands has changed since the Britpop heyday when Oasis were at their peak.
Now, speaking to Sky News, Noel has discussed the “joyous” feeling of being in love, and called new love song ‘Black and White Sunshine’ from ‘Who Built The Moon?’ “one of the best things” he’s ever done.
Speaking on his process on the track alongside producer David Homes, Noel said: “David played me the sample, so I worked out the chords and we demoed just a few short minutes of it, taking it away on tour and playing with it. When it became a song back in Belfast it was so joyous, I just had to do it justice. What’s more joyous than being in love, baby?”
He continues: “I wrote a song about love and it’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done.”
Noel also discussed the occasionally tense nature of the recording process. Discussing the recording of the album’s title-track, he states: “When we got to the chorus, David kept asking me to write a new one … again and again and again. I was ready to strangle him. The one that you hear is the eighth attempt and, you know what? The annoying thing is he was right.”
In the aforementioned Absolute Radio interview, Noel Gallagher discussed a big night he had out with Morrissey – who he described as a ‘dude’, and who took a shine to his wife. He also discussed the extent of his drunken antics (and painful hangovers) while recently on tour with U2.
Gallagher will release his third solo album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ on Friday November 24.
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