Noel Gallagher wants Damon Albarn on his next album and reveals his favourite Blur song

Noel Gallagher has revealed his favourite Blur song, while also raising the possibility of Damon Albarn appearing on his next album. Gallagher recorded backing vocals for Gorillaz track ‘We Got The Power’ last year.

Noel has now said that he intends to work with his former Britpop rival again in the future. “I don’t remember asking to be on a Gorillaz record,” Noel recently told Q. “I do remember being at Paul Simonon’s one night and it being discussed.”

“Damon was supposed to play on ‘Who Built The Moon?’ but we couldn’t make the timings work. Maybe next time,” Gallagher added. Elsewhere in the Q interview, Gallagher revealed that ‘Beetlebum’ is his favourite song that Albarn has written. “When I heard it for the first time I did think, ‘Shit, I wish I’d written that,’” he admitted. Noel continued: “When I first heard Blur, I thought they were very English, like The Kinks.

Source: Luke Morgan Britton for NME