Noel Gallagher’s smashed guitar is up for auction

This 1960 ES-355 symbolises alone the band’s soul and history: broken in the last storm on August 28th 2009 at the Rock en Seine Festival, today this guitar undeniably personifies the intense and turbulent career of this band that set the 1990s ringing with Britpop.

Perfectly restored in 2011 by Philippe Dubreuille, the most French luthier in London, the guitar today bears a “decent vintage” look and the wounds inflicted on the instrument have been healed.

Accompanied by a note written by Noel Gallagher, the Gibson ES-355, souvenir of the Oasis years, will be put up for auction in its original case in Paris on 17th May 2022.

Est: €300 000 – €500 000

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