You only get to see it once: Liam Gallagher teams up with Man United legend for Once music video

Yeah, you’ve heard it right. Welcome the weirdest and the most unexpected music collaboration of 2020 as Liam Gallagher teams up with the Manchester United legend Eric Cantona for the Once music video. Has Man City’s recent derby loss made Liam change his preferred team? Such a plot twist is highly unlikely, and yet seeing the rock icon serve a Manchester United hero dressed as a servant is the last thing you would expect. Directed by the inimitable Charlie Lightening, the music video features Eric Cantona’s miraculous tranformation into a rightful king as he walks down his spacious palace and passionately sings Liam’s song.

The collaboration of the two Manchester icons remained secret up until the official release of the video on 31 January. Previously Liam has been heating up the intrigue by asking the fans to “keep their eyes peeled and ears open” for the big day. On 29 January, Liam shared a teaser clip featuring the piano part of his Once single. Ever since, the fans have been looking forward to seeing the new video for the song released back in summer 2019. But who could expect to see Liam in a butler’s attire serving wine to Eric Cantona? It would be way less surprising to see Liam play the part of the King… Which is just one more proof that the Oasis legend still knows how to astonish his fans.

The Once music video follows King Eric Cantona as he puts on his cloak and crown and wanders through his stately home singing the tune. At the beginning of the video the cult football hero calls on “RKid” to serve him some wine. Afterwards, Cantona’s character gets up and starts walking around the palace sipping wine from the glass and the bottle and singing. At one point the King is seen playing Once on a grand piano before getting dressed and heading out onto the street. Meanwhile, Liam makes a cameo appearance first as the King’s butler and then his chauffeur. As Cantona’s character drives off in the car, the closing scenes of the video feature the picturesque landscape and the luxurious palace.

Liam Gallagher knows exactly how to make aesthetically pleasing music videos. His previous work on the One of Us single serves as an illustrious example. Despite being a lifelong Manchester City fan, Liam is over the moon about securing Cantona’s involvement in the new video. He took to Twitter to thank the football legend.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have Eric Cantona, the last Rock’n’Roll footballer, star in my video for Once. Songs like this don’t come around very often and neither do football players like him,” he posted.

Liam is reasonably proud of penning Once. Previously, he has already described it as his “song of the year”. Apparently, the Man United icon shares his point of view. Earlier Cantona posted a video of himself singing along to the tune on Instagram.

“When two Manchester legends meet. Once is my song of the year!”, he captioned the video.

It’s fair to say that in the Once music video Cantona lives up to his nickname, the King. An early version of Once also features on Liam’s new Acoustic Sessions EP released today, on 31 January.

After so many years in the spotlight, Liam continues to delight his fans with aesthetically pleasing videos and heartfelt songs. “When the dawn came up, he felt so inspired to do it again”. Let’s just hope Liam never loses that feeling and his flow of creative ideas never dries up. Keep the spark alive, Liam, and well done on the new brilliant video for a no less brilliant song!

Source: The NME