Heathen Chemistry

Heathen Chemistry is the fifth studio album by English rock band Oasis, first released in summer 2002. It sold over 1 million copies in the UK, ending up in the top ten best selling albums of 2002, and about 3.5 million worldwide as of 2005.
Heathen Chemistry is a back-to-basics album with a more rock feel to it, the more crude and simple sound differs it from the musical grandiose of Be Here Now. This album was received more warmly than the previous Oasis album, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, by both fans and critics alike. It spawned four singles, each of which made the top three in the UK charts: “The Hindu Times”, their sixth number one single in the UK, “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”, a song made famous as it was played on the BBC when the English football team were knocked out of the World Cup, the Double A-Side, sung by Noel “Little By Little/She Is Love” and “Songbird”, the first single written by Liam.
This album was the last one to feature the band’s longtime drummer, Alan White, who left in early 2004, with Noel Gallagher claiming White’s commitment to the band wasn’t up to scratch. He was effectively replaced with Ringo Starr’s son, Zak Starkey.

:: Info ::

Released: 1st July 2002
Highest Chart Position: Number 1 in the UK
tracks 1,2,4,6,8,9 written by Noel Gallagher
tracks 5,10,11 written by Liam Gallagher
track 3 written by Colin Murray Archer
track 7 written by Andy Bell
Produced By: The Band
Engineers: Paul "P-dub" Walton
Assistant: David Treahearn
Cover Design by: Noel Gallagher and Simon Halfon
Mixed By: Mike "Spike" Stent
Recorded By: Jan "Stan" Kybert

:: Oasis Are ::

Liam Gallagher-Vocals
Noel Gallagher-Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals
Gem Archer-Rhythm Guitar
Andy Bell-Bass Guitar
Alan White-Drums