Gene Gallagher plays bongos on Liam’s new single ‘One Of Us’

Liam Gallagher has teamed up with Andrew Wyatt and youngest son Gene Gallagher on ‘One of Us.’ Liam has just released his fourth single from his upcoming second solo record ‘Why Me? Why Not’ and Andrew Wyatt took to Instagram to share some behind the scenes moments for this particular tune. He wrote, “One of the most emo days in the studio in recent memory: here Liam and I in London listening back to the recording of ‘One of Us’ LG’s son Gene playing bongos.

Shout out to super special bud Amen Dunes for writing the lyrics and providing spiritual guidance, Nick Zinner for them big guitars, Parker Kindred for giving it unexpected swing, Jacob Munk for keeping track of everything, Andie Eisen for getting a lot of it on cam.”

Liam took to Facebook and Instagram yesterday to promote the song and tell everyone the meaning behind it. He wrote, “One of Us is about family, friendship and a sense of belonging. I love the groove and the gospel outro. It reminds me of the Sweet Inspirations.”

The music video, which hasn’t been released yet, explores Liam’s past including his childhood where he gets child actors to play himself as well as his older brothers Paul and Noel Gallagher, the video is shot in Burnage, Manchester where they grew up.

Source: latestcelebrityscoop