Liam Gallagher About Noel’s Music

Liam Gallagher has called Noel’s disco music ‘embarrassing’ and spoken about whether or not they can ever reconcile. Noel recently released disco track ‘Black Star Dancing.’ During an exclusive interview with Q Magazine, Liam gave his opinion on Noel’s music. He said, “It’s a Eurovision song. It’s fucking Leo Sayer. It’s not even a good tune, let’s be honest. I’d love to know what his bit on the side has to say about it…(Paul) Weller’s put out some questionable shit over the years, but I don’t think even he’s gone down the Leo Sayer route. You can’t be making disco music when you look like a potato. You’ve got to be sexy for that. He’s in his mid-50s. It’s like me doing opera music. I’d look stupid. I’m sure in his big daft head it sounds amazing, I know he’s trying to do something new, but it’s way off what he thinks it is. It’s embarrassing. It leaves the way open for me to come steaming in with a load of guitars, so crack on our kid. I see my music as like a Sunday roast. As an idea, it’s been mastered. But I want to make the very best version of it that you can have. People seemed to like As You Were. It’s not curing cancer, but they dug it. And that’s given us the confidence to do more of the same, only better. The songs are better. I know my place. There’s a lot to be said for knowing your place: some people don’t. They want to be everything, the singer, the writer, the dancer, the guitarist, on the nose flute, and end up being nothing very good. I’m a singer. I’m the geezer at the front. So we create these songs together, with Andrew and Kurstin, or whoever. And then when I sing them, they’re my songs.” He also responded as to whether he and Noel will ever make up. He replied, “No, because I’ve still got the hump. All I ever give him is love but he slags me off, so I’m gonna bite.” Liam also rubbished Noel’s accusations that it’s his fault his family get trolled on social media. Liam said sighing, “Do you think I don’t care if his kids get slagged off on Twitter? My kids get slagged off too. People who are opinionated get slagged off on social media, and his daughter and wife are very opinionated, so some lunatic fans give it back. My kids get it too.”