Liam Gallagher On “Why Me? Why Not”

Liam Gallagher has revealed more details surrounding his eagerly anticipated new album, Why My? Why Not, detailing specific tracks that feature on the project.  

He added: “There’s one called ‘A River’ which is absolutely a proper beast of a tune. Don’t think it’ll get on the radio ‘cause it’s too heavy, but if someone wants to play it, play it. But that’s a tune.”

He continued: “Yeah it’s heavy man. It is HEA-VY. Like heavy, as in makes you wanna, it’s like a bulldozer man. Heavier than that. Then there’s one called ‘Once’ which is more of a ballad-y kind of a Pink Floyd, Bowie kind of thing which is mega.”

Gallagher then turned to conversation to Molly Moorish, his formerly estranged daughter, his child with Lisa Moorish who recently began a relationship with the former Oasis singer: “Then there’s a couple of little, you know… there’s one that I’ve done for my daughter Molly called ‘Now That I’ve Found You’,” he added. 

“Not that she was lost or anything, or she was captured by the Taliban or anything like that. But it’s got a ‘now that you’re in my life’ kinda vibe. It’s cool. It’s nice.”