Liam Gallagher: “I’m a rock star. And I do exactly what it says on the tin”

Ahead of the release of his upcoming second solo album Why Me, Why Not on September 20th, Liam Gallagher has spoken to Mr Porter Journal about his changed values and attitude to the music industry.

In an exclusive new interview, Liam lives up to his reputation for keeping it real and being straightforward and outspoken. When asked about his new album, Liam described it as sounding fresh, despite his well-known and reaffirmed love for classic, oldschool Rock’n’Roll.

“I don’t get all this nostalgia stuff. It’s just a formula that was mastered in the 1960s and 1970s. Why not do it in 2019? If that was a crime, we wouldn’t be having Sunday roasts, would we? People say get out of your comfort zone. But I’m comfortable here! Why would you want to go around riding a race bike with a really sharp saddle? Get yourself a comfortable seat mate and enjoy your life! You don’t wanna be stressing at my age”.

While Liam still holds true to his principle of making music of the same genre, the past few years have seen him become visibly more mature and somewhat mellowed out.

“Not too much though. I’m not a priest. I’m still a silly cunt who likes winding people up, but these days, I haven’t got the energy”.

Instead, Liam prefers to redirect his energy into more important things. Among them are his lifelong love for making music and his new priority of spending more time with his family. In the past, Liam notoriously disregarded his family life in favour of the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle, which led to the breakup of his two marriages. However, he has apparently learnt from his mistakes. Now Liam’s kids accompany him at his gigs while his son Gene even features on Liam’s upcoming album. Moreover, Liam has taken his chance to credit his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther, whom he is planning to marry next year.

“She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, as well as my kids and that. She doesn’t let me play up, which is what I need. I needed to have my head shook and get back out doing music. She’s not obsessed with the fame and the Gucci parties. We don’t hang out with a so-called celebrity crew. And I’m glad she’s not like that”.

As for his estranged brother Noel, Liam doesn’t see a reconciliation happening any time soon.

“That’s not happening. I’ve got better things to do than worry about what he’s thinking. He knows where I’m at. I need to get on with my life, get back doing music and look after my crew”.

The new interview is a good read also because of Liam willing to show his softer, sensitive side.

“Noel’s wife called me fat, which hurt my feelings. I have a belly, it’s well paid for, but I’m not fat”.

Just as ever, Liam’s presence is full of confidence and dignity.

“I’m not looking for a knighthood. I’m a rock star. And I do exactly what it says on the tin”.

Amidst the anxious wait for the release of Why Me, Why Not, reading the new Liam’s interview with Mr Porter Journal is a good value for time. Read it in full here:

Liam has opened up in a new witty revealing interview
Liam has opened up in a new witty revealing interview