Liam Gallagher is set to marry his long-term girlfriend Debbie Gwyther

Liam Gallagher is reportedly planning to get married for the third time after proposing to his long-term girlfriend Debbie Gwyther when on holiday on Italy’s Amalfi Coast with his mother, Peggy. According to reports, she witnessed the happy moment.

Allegedly, Debbie is “over the moon and still in shock that Liam has finally popped the question”. According to a trusted source, they “feel stronger than ever and he is in a really good place. Liam credits her for really turning his life around and is grateful that she has stuck by him”. The insider added, “The couple are hoping to tie the knot next year, and Liam wants his kids by his side on the big day”.

The news has come a day after Liam posted a photo with Debbie on his social media accounts, which was accompanied by the caption, “Behind every guru there’s another great guru”.

It only goes to once again show Liam’s genuine appreciation of his partner. In numerous interviews the rock star emphasized the fact that Debbie had been there for him all along, even when everyone else, including his friends and brother Noel, turned their backs on him after the notorious breakups of Oasis and Beady Eye. On multiple occasions, Liam took his chance to credit his girlfriend for making a difference in his life and not giving up on him.

“Debbie was the one. She was the one who said, “Come on, you’ve not killed anyone, let’s get back in the music”.

In the poignant documentary As It Was, which came out in June, the director Charlie Lightening devoted a lot of attention to Liam and Debbie’s relationship.

“Debbie’s impact on Liam was massive. She saved him in so many ways. He was lost. He didn’t know what to do or how to do it. As he says in the film, she gives him a kick up the arse and tells him to focus again on the music. She supported him through some of the worst. And they just love each other, you know what I mean? It’s all in the film. You see how close their relationship is, how they bring out the best of one another. Again, it feels wonderful that I was able to capture that, as I was doing his musical comeback. I wasn’t doing a documentary about Liam’s love life. But Debbie is such a part of that, and now his family, that it shines through – hopefully”.

Liam and Debbie have been dating for 6 years after him meeting her in Ibiza during a 2013 tour with Beady Eye. Debbie navigated Liam’s triumphant musical comeback and admitted to being very proud of him.

“I’m most proud of him for when he wanted to throw the towel in, he never stopped”.

Throughout his career, Liam has been stressing the importance of family in his life. Let’s hope Liam’s third marriage will bring him the sense of harmony, understanding and belonging he’s been seeking. Then we might be expecting more love ballads like Songbird in the visible future. Or maybe, Let There Be Love?

Source: Metro

Liam and Debbie have been together for 6 years
Liam and Debbie have been together for 6 years