Liam Gallagher: “Rock’n’Roll Guitar Music Is Not Trendy At The Moment”

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the current issue of Nylon Magazine about the current state of rock’n’roll.

When asked “There is little in the current musical landscape that walks a straight line of guitar rock’n’roll, which makes for great timing for As You Were”.

He said “I don’t know what a lot of bands are doing these days, but they’re not rock’n’roll bands and they’re not guitar bands. They’ve got one foot in the dance world and one foot in the guitar world. They need to make their minds up. Rock ’n’ roll guitar music is not trendy at the moment, but it has always been good to me. I’m not doing anything different than I’ve done before. I’ve had time off and it’s made people realise that sometimes you miss what you don’t have. It’s nice to get singing again without all the drama. I don’t mind drama, but to only have full-on drama, that’s no good to anyone”.

Source: SCYHO