Liam Gallagher says Noel “has never been a rocker”

Speaking with Rockol in Italy, Liam Gallagher said his brother Noel “has never been a rocker.”

“Noel has never been a rocker. He writes songs, but although he may think he is a good singer, he is not. He is not capable of making a beautiful vocal interpretation, he does not have that ability, so he dilutes everything to feel at ease while singing. He’s not comfortable with rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe he has aged, maybe his wife likes the music or he doesn’t like to see people jumping at gigs. But that’s what he does now, and I have no desire to change my musical genre.”

In the same interview, the former Oasis frontman said his brother “threw us under the bus” by quitting Oasis and accused him of making fans believe the split was Liam’s fault.

“I have the feeling of being overwhelmed, of being thrown under the bus. Many fans think the reason was me, but Oasis broke up because of everyone, even though Noel told it differently. If Noel had wanted to finish the Oasis story, he could have said it directly instead of dragging me into this, by saying that it was because he could no longer work with me. If we both admitted that we are two assholes, the world would be a better place. He thinks he’s better than me, but I’ve shown that he’s like me. He’s not my boss or my father, and I’m not his. He owes me nothing and I owe him nothing. I wish he was happy, but I don’t think he wants me to be happy.”