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Noel Gallagher: “I regret letting my house turn into a nightclub”

“If only Supernova Heights could speak”, Noel Gallagher’s ex-wife Meg Matthews said last month of the Primrose Hill house they shared in the Oasis’s heyday. This 8 million pound property in north London indeed has witnessed loads of mayhem back in the day. In the 90s Oasis had a reputation for leading hedonistic lifestyles, and Supernova Heights became the embodiment of their drug orgies and loud parties.

When Oasis hit superstardom after the release of their critically acclaimed album Morning Glory, they joined the league of A-list celebrities. Consequently, Supernova Heights turned into a hotspot for the most prominent stars of the 90s, including Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ronnie Wood. There were so many guests round at the time that Noel admitted most of the time he had no idea who most of the visitors were. Oasis were in the centre of the media attention. A Telegraph journalist once described seeing “supermodels lolling against the fridge, white lines everywhere, and endless gabbing about crop circles and conspiracy theories”.

By the sound of it, that’s one hell of a sight. According to one report, the fridge was stocked with lager, cranberry juice, more lager, half a jar of marmalade and a jug of gone-off Bloody Mary. The house was across the road from Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s home, so it’s no wonder both frequented Supernova Heights. Noel doesn’t deny the trashing that took place within these walls. He looks back on the wild parties in the 90s and the way they sat there with the curtains closed debating aliens and moon landings.

Such a lifestyle wouldn’t surprise an Oasis fan: after all, the band are living their own lyrics, and all they need are cigarettes and alcohol. Some would even ask: and what would you expect from a Rock’n’Roll band? Going to bed early and having bacon and beans for breakfast? Noel describes the 90s as mad and brilliant times. He admits all the unstoppable drug-taking found its reflection in Oasis’ album Be Here Now. “By 1997 it had just gone berserk. I was doing loads of drugs, and me and Liam were just out of control”, he says.

The interior of the house was also a sight to see. 60s’ retro furniture, 70s’ toilets, psychedelic patterned carpets, an enormous fish tank make a quaint combination. Nevertheless, many showbiz stars lodged at Supernova Heights at one point, including Kate Moss. Noel has a clear recollection of that period.

“Kate Moss would be staying here for a couple of weeks, and I’ve got loads of shopping. So I’m trying to open the gate, and there was these four girls that are going, “Can you get me Kate’s autograph?” You’re coming here, to my house, asking for supermodel’s autographs? You’re taking the piss or what? Do you not want mine?! Listen, I tell you what, you’re not going until you have mine. You’re having my autograph now!”

To be fair, for the fangirls that might have turned out a pleasant bonus. Nevertheless, not everyone was that happy. Noel’s antics and loud booze-fueled parties were constantly giving a hard time to his neighbours. After one particularly rowdy party on Noel’s 30th birthday, they finally called the police. Upon arriving, the officers discovered Noel and a bunch of his drunk friends crammed onto a coffee table and singing out loud Sex Pistols tunes.

“All my Pistols tracks, right, have been trashed in this house! I’ve got a coffee table downstairs that holds about four ashtrays. There must’ve been 15 people on it, and the police show up, and we were going, “And I wanna be anarchy”. “Excuse me, sir, could you turn the noise down?” “It’s the Pistols, man, you know what I mean??”

While that already sounds bad enough, Noel claims his wife used to lead an even more corrupt way of life. So those cocaine-induced parties are just the tip of the iceberg then?

“Meg is hardcore, her and her girlfriends are worse than any bunch of guys I’ve ever been out with. I mean it, man! They are fucking hardcore rock’n’roll women. They can be a bit scary when they’re out, actually”, admits Noel. Meg used to help Noel host parties at Supernova Heights, and the famous actress Sadie Frost was among her close friends.

Despite all the debauchery that was taking place in the house, Noel’s brother Liam compared it to a completely unexpected place. One time when Noel and Meg were chilling at Supernova Heights at 3 am, the doorbell rang. It was Liam. He went in and said, “Thank God for this place. It’s like a church, it’s always open”. A very suprising comaprison, to say the least. Knowing it’s hard to imagine a place nearly as unholy as Supernova Heights in the Oasis’ heyday.

Nevertheless, in the late 90s, the bad times started to outweigh the good. The frequent panic attacks made Noel realise his drug habit was getting out of control. In June 1998, he finally made up his mind to go clean. As a result, the rock icon sold Supernova Heights and headed to Thailand with Meg for a month’s holiday. Upon coming back, the couple moved to the countryside and took the phone off the hook. Noel left behind his drug addiction along with his A-list celebrity friends. His 2000’s song Where Did It All Go Wrong describes those crazy days in his old party house.

“We’ve all since reacquainted and become friends again. We were all too up in each other’s faces 24 hours a day. I can look back on it and say it was a good time, but I made some fundamental mistakes in my life. I regret getting so involved in that circle of people. And letting my house turn into a nightclub”.

One way or another, we all regret some decisions we made in our lives. Even rock stars aren’t an exception. The good thing is in most cases, it’s only up to us to make things right. Noel’s way of doing it was selling Supernova Heights and making a new start. And yet, if the walls of that house could speak, what would they tell us about the crazy days that made Oasis shine?

Source: The Daily Mirror