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Liam Gallagher is MTV’s Rock Icon-2019

On Sunday night, November 3rd, Liam Gallagher collected the first ever MTV’s Rock Icon Award at the EMAs-2019 held at the FIBES Conference and Exhibition Centre in Seville, Spain. The annual music event has honoured Liam’s achievements during his successful career with Oasis as well as his endeavours as a solo artist.

It’s impossible to underestimate Liam’s contribution to the modern British rock music. His motionless position on stage, piercing powerful vocals, cool style of clothes and no-nonsense attitude are so iconic they’ve inspired generations of aspiring musicians. Apart from his outstanding singing skills, Liam is famous for his arrogant media image. Nevertheless, the legendary singer himself views it just as his ‘confidence’, and everyone who knows him personally assure us Liam is really different behind closed doors. One thing is for sure, though: the iconic rock star has chosen a very original way to express his gratitude. His acceptance speech while collecting the award was short and sweet.

“Thank you, man. I won’t keep you too long, but I want to congratulate Seville for having a lovely city. I also want to congratulate MTV for recognising my brilliance. Thanks for the award. I wear it well”.

Liam’s decision to keep his speech brief once again demonstrates his attitude to the job: less talking, more action. Previously, the legendary singer repeatedly admitted he has real struggles with finding the right words to say. Instead, he always preferred to stick to doing what he’s best at – singing. And the MTV EMAs ceremony was no exception. After his impressive speech, Liam swiftly turned on his heel and walked off stage. Nevertheless, later he came back to close the show with a live performance of Wonderwall and Once. Despite the straightforward and cheeky attitude during the speech, Liam chose to perform two of his most melodic tunes. Wonderwall has proved over the years to be the audience’s song of choice, while Once is without a doubt Liam’s personal favourite on his new album. The former Oasis’ rhythm guitarist Bonehead joined Liam for his performance.

Liam has beaten his estranged brother Noel to the Rock Icon title. However, the same can’t be said about the NME’s Godlike Genius Award. Unlike Noel who got it back in 2012, Liam received this honour only last year. Even though Liam admitted it was long overdue, he doesn’t really see the need to compete with his brother. After all, the legendary singer believes they have both put equal amount of work during their time with the band.

“I think we should both have won this award at the same time. Just because we both put a lot of work into those songs. I know he wrote them, but I sang them, so I have the hump about that. But it’s always nice to get an award, isn’t it?”

This statement is really hard to argue with. Just like it’s impossible to deny Liam’s outstanding talent as a singer and frontman. After 25 years in the spotlight, he remains as entertaining and iconic as ever. It’s hard to imagine the Rock Icon award going to anybody else but him. Congratulations, Liam! This triumph is definitely without maybe well-deserved.

Source: Daily Mail