Wonderdrums: Alan White joins in to show support for NHS

Oasis’ most iconic drummer Alan White has recently set up an Instagram account and made his first media appearance in years. His first posts are videos that feature Alan drumming timeless Oasis hits including Wonderwall, All Around the World and Be Here Now. The astonished fans were happy to find out that Alan is just as good at drumming as he was back in the glory days of Oasis. Apparently, Oasis’ drummer has created his new account for a noble purpose. The captions under all his new posts see Alan joining his ex-bandmate Liam Gallagher in showing his support for the NHS amidst the coronavirus epidemic.

In the newly-uploaded videos, the drummer uses Liam’s voice as the playback while performing his drum parts. In one of the captions, he called the NHS workers “our Wonderwall”, whereas the lyrics of All Around the World are meant to rally everyone around the idea that “it’s gonna be okay”. It’s indeed the reassuring message we all need to hear these days. Meanwhile, his latest post with a Be Here Now cover seems conceptually connected to Liam’s recent race to alter the Oasis lyrics to reflect the current situation. “Wash your hands in the morning sun,” advises Alan’s caption under the video. It indeed appears to continue the pattern set by Wonderwash, Champagne Soapernova and many other hilarious puns invented by Liam.

The fans are buzzing to see Alan back in the spotlight. Just in the first week the number of his Instagram followers already runs into thousands. Oasis lovers have also started speculating: can it mean we might be in for a reunion? Has Alan already got in touch with Liam, given he’s following the iconic frontman on Instagram? Can we expect an interaction between them that might resemble Liam’s close ties with Bonehead? Can we hope to see Oasis again on stage any time soon? At the moment there are more questions than answers. The outbreak of coronavirus has sadly forced Liam and Noel to cancel all of their upcoming gigs. But can that mean they might use this time out to mend their broken relationship?

Whatever the outcome, it’s good to see Alan back on social media. In these uncertain times we all need some reassurance and hope for a better tomorrow. Especially if that tomorrow will promise the long-awaited Oasis reunion. It’s also really heartwarming to see the witty and soulful way Alan and Liam support the hard work and dedication of the NHS. People that are saving our lives deserve our appreciation and gratitude. For now, follow Alan White’s new Instagram account and stay tuned for new updates! And, obviously, wash your hands in the morning sun.

Source: alanwhiteofficial on Instagram